Relaxsan Original Mattress 150cm x 200cm King-size

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How do you chose a Relaxsan Mattress?
Relaxsan present a host of Mattress choices but the core of the range boils down to 6 mattresses.
Relaxsan Original
Relaxsan Orthosoft
Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe
Magniflex Waterlattex
Magniflex Waterlattex Ultra Deluxe
Memory Duet
So how do you chose between them all?
Let us for a moment put aside the Memory Duet and consider the first five Relaxsan Mattresses;
Relaxsan Original 10/10
Relaxsan Orthosoft 8.5/10
Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe 8/10
Magniflex Waterlattex 8/10
Magniflex Waterlattex Ultra Deluxe 7.5/10
I have put the mattresses in what i consider to be in firmness order with marks out of ten with 10 being the firmest.
The Relaxsan Original is extremely firm, most people when they sit on one for the first time go, gosh that`s HARD, but when you lie on it it does
meld to your body and give a feeling of very firm support.
The Relaxsan Orthosoft is still a firm mattress, however when you sit on it you might think it a little soft, but remember this is a mattress not a
chair, lie down, now it feels firmer as your weight is distributed, and very supportive as the Verflex support foam melds to your body.
The Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe at 20cm is slightly deeper that the Relaxsan Original and Orthosoft so looks more comfortable, it also has a
Coolmax cover which has two benefits, one is that Coolmax fabric wicks away perspiration faster than ordinary fabrics therefore helping to
regualate your body temperature and keep you more comfortable, also the Coolmax fabric has a softer feel than the fabrics on the Original and the
Orthosoft which again makes the it feel more comfortable. Also the whilst the Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe has the same foam as the Relaxsan Orthosoft,
the foam as a series of holes in it, which help promote airflow for comfort and also because of the configutation and spacing of the holes,
zones the mattress making it slightly firmer at your heavier points were you need more support and slightly softer at your lighter bits were you need
less support.
The Magniflex Waterlattex is a completley different kind of foam and to put it simply feels more comfortable, whilst still being as supportive as
the Relaxsan Original and Relaxsan Orthosoft whilst overlapping with the Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe, do you go for the more Natural foam in the
Magniflex Waterlattex or do you go for the technological benefits of the Relaxsan Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe, thats your choice or you could have it all
and go for the Magniflex Waterlattex Ultra Deluxe.
Magniflex Waterlattex Ultra Deluxe really it is the same story as the Orthosoft Ultra Deluxe, 20cm deeper, a Coolmax cover for better temperature control
and Airyform zoning giving more comfort and airflow.
Now what about the Memory Duet, it`s really very difficult to describe but it is very popular, the nearest I can get is that it feels between the Orthosoft
and the Waterlattex but just has more of a melding feel than either in my opinion and it now has the benefits of the Coolmax cover for comfort.
Are they good for a bad back?
Yes they are extremely good for any back, bad or healthy. This is because of the foam construction they perfectly contour and support your body.

How long do they take to unroll?
Five minutes if that, and then it takes about an hour for them to fully fill out into the corners of the cover.
Are they long lasting?
Yes, all Relaxsan products carry a manufacturers warranty of between 6 and 15 years.
Do they make you sweat?
No, all quality mattresses feel warm purely because of the depth of upholstery giving a high level of insulation.
I slept on a foam hospital bed and that made me sweat!
Yes it would because it will have had a rubber incontinence sheet on and that was what made you sweat.
What do they feel like?
Very supportive as you can feel the mattress contouring and supporting you all along your body which you will not usually feel with a sprung mattress and not at all "bouncy" because there are no springs inside.
· The Original is EXTREMELY firm.
· The Orthosoft is firm.
· The Waterlattex is the most comfortable of the standard range but just as supportive.
Can they be rolled back up?
Are there any problems with them?
The only problems we have had are that on unrolling they have an odour, which is because they have been so tightly packed from the factory and is really equivalent to the smell you get with a brand new car (and you do not complain about that) or a brand new pine wardrobe and soon disappears, usually within a day or two. The other issue we have had is people assume incorrectly that a firmer mattress is better for you and chose the Original mattress when they would really have been better suited with the Orthosoft or Waterlattex because the Original is Extremely firm.
Are they suitable for Pine and Metal bedsteads?
Yes they are ideal for these types of bed but should not be used on the floor or on any solid sheet material that is not ventilated.
How long do they take to arrive?
If we have what you require in stock the following working day and if it is not in stock 5~16 days, but in any event you will be kept fully informed and we do not process your payment until we dispatch your mattress.
How thick are they?
Approximately 17cm thick. 20cm for the Deluxe matts.
How does a Waterlattex compare to a Orthosoft/ Original?
The Waterlattex is a more comfortable mattress but other than that you really do need to lie on a mattress to make your own personal comparison.
How do these mattresses compare to Tempur?
These mattresses are a different concept to Tempur mattresses, with Mattresses such as the Waterlattex and the Nature rest focusing on a more natural approach to sleeping. If you require a Tempur type of mattress please look at the Memory soft and Memory Wave mattresses.
Does the price include delivery?
Yes. We believe the price you see is the price you should pay, there is nothing more annoying than working through some online payment system and then finding a delivery charge, the only exceptions to this are the obvious ones such as the Highlands of Scotland.
Why no online ordering?
There is. If you click the order link it will take you to our secure online ordering area. The best way by far to order a mattress is to ring us on 0161 764 2046 and check we have it in stock (though for most popular sizes we always keep large stocks), then order online so that you get instant written confirmation and you can benefit from our online tracking service, though if you wish you can order over the phone.
Do we offer a try and return service?
No we do not and I am always suspicious of firms that do, what do they do with the old ones, throw them away? That is one of the beauties of these mattresses, because they come tightly rolled you can be absolutely sure they have never been used in anyway and are hygienic every time.
Can our Mattresses be used with an Electric Blanket?
The Orthosoft, Original and Waterlattex mattresses are no problem with an Electric blanket, with Visco elastic mattresses though using an Electric blanket will not damage the mattress, it will insulate your body heat from the mattress and prevent the mattress from performing to the full.
Can our Mattresses be used on profiling beds?
We would recommend that you use the more supple mattresses such as the Waterlattex and the Memtec combi Air Wave on profiling beds rather than the firmer ones but please note that only the memtec combi air mattresses is specifically designed for this use and though many people do use relaxsan for this purpose we cannot accept any responsibility if you do have any problems. If you intend using a mattress on a profiling bed you are probably best to ring us on 0161 764 2046 for a chat about your specific needs.